10 inch UL2272 certificate approved Halo Rover SUV hoverboard

Be hold the most well liked 10 inch hoverboard available on the market ! That is the most recent model of self balancing scooter designed for terrain, control, velocity, tricks, and magnificence. The Halo Rover Hoverboard with 10 inch wheels give the rider extra stability and the ability to maneuver extra unstable terrain. You may easily experience this hoverboard over grass, gravel, dirt, and different uneven terrain. Besides, it has been UL2272 approved, which make it safest 10 inch SUV hoverbaord on the market.

This segway board is not like something you have got seen before. That is the very best hoverboard that hoverboard occasions has reviewed thus far. Not only is it sleek, highly effective, and durable; additionally it is one of the most cost effective hoverboards now we have seen. It’s not low cost quality but the worth is basically low. So in abstract; prime quality, low value, 10 inch wheels and a Carbon Black design. What more could we ask for?

Severely, if you want a durable, fast, highly effective hoverboard then this is your finest wager! Compared aspect by facet the 10 inch hoverboard and the 6.5 inch hoverboards are very comparable in feel and appear. The most important difference is that the ten inch hoverboard will get you increased off the bottom and naturally will let you do more off terrain riding. The largest draw back to the ten inch hoverboards is that they’ve tires that should be pumped up occasionally. Then once more it is rather like having a bike and preserving it’s tires inflated. These ten inch segways are going tremendous quick and this is the last mannequin available anywhere! Get it whereas you still can or strive considered one of our other boards we have now reviewed below.

Packaging Details: paper carton with foam, one piece per carton. Over 10 years expertise in exporting enterprise, good fame in electric scooter area.

Warranty policy: To be our VIP clients,you can get the 1st hand information earlier than your opponents. Even so we still provide 1 year warranty time. We have now 2 options as follows to solve defective scooter although only around 0.3% defective rate we have seen for now . 1}.in case you have any repairmen (or cooperate along with your local repair store),the issue could be solved at your local place. 2),if you don’t have any repairmen,the problem cannot be solved at your country. Please return again to China by EMS or Put up. We are able to restore nicely for you with none extra price (besides man-made harm). We cannot cover transport value if inside normal defective charge. If over normal defective charge,we’ll take 50% of the delivery value for send back. For different purchasers the order quantity is less than 200pcs monthly. The guarantee time can also be 12 months, if there’s quality downside, we are able to repair it free (besides the man-made harm). Clients must pay all of the transport price. Or the defective scooter will probably be send again together along with your new order

2 wheels 10 inch self balance scooter

10 inch self balance scooter designed to give riders an exciting riding experience with minimum studying time. This hands free two wheels stand up scooter makes use of gyroscope sensors to achieve self-balancing functions. The internal workings of the scooter use gyro sensors, a 350 watts brushless dc motor and a set of rechargeable Lithium ion battery pack. Users can manage the scooter to go forward, speed up, decelerate , break or reverse, by leaning its body gravity forward or leaning backwards. This scooter is an inexperienced and helpful product in public commuting. It may be easily carried round on public bus, car truck or subway. Also it’s a funny entertainment scooter rather than just a commuting tool. Currently CE, FCC, ROHS,UL 2272, SAA, MSDS, UN38.3 Certificates available.

Its exclusive features as follows:

Physique posture sensor: There are 2 superior gyroscope plus gravity accelerator, make you flip around as shut as your physique,that is why it is also being called hoverboard.
Computerized shutdown: If it is activate and not use it for a long time, the sensible scooter will flip off by itself to protected energy to go further.
Energy show: There are three colors ( green, orange and pink ) to show the amount of electricity, when it turns crimson, meaning it’s essential to stop it.
Lightweight car physique material: ABS mixed with PP body materials, strong put on-resisting, by no means deformation.
Reliable battery just like the blood:adopt Samsung 18650 lithium ion battery cells, a thousand instances deep cycles without damage to the battery, bigger capability, 20 km milleage after solely 120 minutes single charging.
Easy to operate: To show left or proper, the rider simply moves the foot on left or right pedal. Stand straightly, you will cease shifting.
More options: this 10 inch self balance scooter comes with extra options such as carry bag, Bluetooth speaker, mobile app control. With the high quality Bluetooth speaker, you can enjoy music come from you cellphone ( or other Bluetooth device ) in a loud level under other’s envy eyes. The mobile app control unit ensures you to fully master your 10 inch self balance scooter with just an app installed on your cellphone, either Android or IOS system based cellphone.

Hoverboard still among the top 5 popular products in Black Friday

The fourth Friday of November each year, also known as Black Friday, is the next day of Thanksgiving Day . In the black Friday, the shopping atmosphere in physical store is very hot, many people stand in a line early in the morning or even from the night before ,to grab what they want the first time. It is like 11th November in China, but 11th November in China is a shopping holiday for online store in China,while Black Friday in United States is a shopping holiday for physical store.

Every year the United States local media, shopping blog will be rated the most worthy of the purchase of five kinds of products, this year is no exception, last year’s hot car was rated as the best gift of the year, and later we all know, we surprise To find this year, the car is still on the list. According to the US CBS media reports, the five most worth buying five categories of products are:

According to Unites States CBS reports, below are the top five worth buying products during Black Friday of 2016:

1. TV
TVs have always been hot products for Black Friday, 2016 is no exception. For low end TV, many people are willing to line up to buy earlier. In Wal-Mart, Element 40 inch TV is only sold for $125, according to CNET report it is currently the lowest price with the same size. Polaroid 32 inch only $85, Bestbuy 49 inch 4K TV only $200 !

cheap TV in Black Friday

2. “Apple” products
Apple has its own retail stores, generally physical shopping malls rarely sell apple products, and because Apple official price restrictions, many promotions are based on gift cards or coupons. For example now iphone7, bestbuy and Wal-Mart are offering $250 gift card for purchase promotion.

Iphone 7 offers gift card as promotion in Black Friday

3. Hoverboard
Hoverboard is hottest product among 2015 and 2016, although hoverboard were banned for sale for several months in Unites States due to security reasons . But in the late 2016, it seems that the problem has been resolved, and it return to the market in Thanksgiving Day.Big supermarket like Wal-mart offers large discount up to $100.However, consumers must confirm before buying that the hoverboard were latest UL2272 approved hoverboard, and ensure that hoverboard package with UL certification label.

hoverboard for black friday

4. Skin care products
According to dealnews.com, stores such as best buy, Wal-Mart, Ulta Beauty have been open their doors from 6:00 am of Thanksgiving Day to 2:00am of Black Friday, and offer 50% discount.

Skin care products for Black Friday

5. Wine
Consumers may found wine products don’t have large discount like skin care products and electronic products, but in some online shop, such as Amazon, the discount offer is still quite large.

Wine for Black Friday

N5 hoverboard: hoverboard that can jumps

Hoverboard still been very hot in the past 2016 , and it leads to the blooming of entire self balance scooter and short distance transportation vehicles industry, this product is destined to be historical records. Due to hoverboard quality reasons, hoverboard business has been so hard for six months in 2016,but China’s major hoverboard manufacturers still have been groping forward,they prepare a variety of certifications, research and development during this period.

Shenzhen Xiaobaima Energy Tech Co., LTD, developed a model named N5 hoverboard that can jump and fly.

Basic technical parameters of N5 hoverboard as below:

Net weight: 10.5kg
Gross weight: 12.5kg
Minimum load: 20kg
Maximum load: about 200kg
Maximum speed: about 13km/h
Driving mileage per full charge: 10-15km
Climbing capacity: about 25 degrees
Battery capacity: 4400AH
Charging time: about 2.5H
Size: 615x200x182mm
Optional Color: black, white, blue, red, yellow, rose red, green
Tire type: 7.5 inch solid tires
Functions: Bluetooth dual channel speaker, LED flashing lights, jumpable design, night riding lights

Here are some exclusive features of N5 hoverboard:

1.N5 is the first hoverboard that can jump, entertainment performance greatly enhanced.
2. N5 using the latest control solution, while riding the motor seems more smoothly, jumping off the ground without electricity power off and alarms, and the foot pedal will keep the same position after jump.
3. N5 is the first hoverboard equipped with 7.5 inch motor in the market.
4. N5 hoverboard internal structure was redesigned and adopt double roller bearing design, riding while steering will be more smooth too.
5. Various software encryption technology, with 14 pcs PCB board in the control system. However,how to ensure that each pcb board failure rata to be lowest is a very high technical task.
7. high fidelity Bluetooth speaker + mobile phone App connection, flashing led lights, headlights, brake tail lights etc.
8. With ABC + PC fireproof material cover, we fiercely droped for more than 7 times during the test,only the cover has a slight crack and scratches, hoveroboard body and fucntions without any damage. That proves that the N5 hoverboard structure and workmanship is reliable.Many hoverboard used to be when ex factory,but after long distance transportation and express delivery, reach customer’s hand with weak Weld, poor interface and other issues etc, N5 hoverboard will not have these problems.

In general, N5 hoverboard is creative in appearance, structure and entertainment,the first hoverboard with jump function. But the overall appearance still the traditional hoverboard shape, there is no big breakthrough.We have learned that Shenzhen Xiaobaima Energy Tech Co., LTD is still improving the N5 hoverboard,and mobile APP will soon be launched, at the same time,they are apply UL2272 hoverboard certificate for N5,let us wait further news for N5 hoverboard.

UL2272 approved electric kick scooter

On 20th December 2016,UL (China) held a meeting with the topical of “travel with quality,smart wins” in Beijing Kerry Hotel,to introduce new standards of balance scooter, unmanned aerial vehicles, electric bicycles as well as issue new UL certificate for applicant. Fast Wheel F0 electric kick scooter has got UL certification in November, which is the world’s first UL certified electric kick scooter,attend the meeting too.

 fast wheel ul2272 approved electric kick scooter

UL is short for Underwriter Laboratories (Underwriter Laboratories Inc.) .UL safety testing is not only United States’s most authoritative, but also a big testing institue engaged in safety testing and identification. It uses scientific testing methods to determine all materials, devices, products, equipment, constructions, etc are not hazardous or hazardous to human life or property.UL has tested thousands of products and components according to the safety standards and in accordance with international standards.

UL is the world’s most well-known product safety certification institue, to achieve of product selling in North American , UL can’t be ignore. According to UL2272 certification standards, fast wheel F0 electric kick scooter meet four major item testing: electrical testing, mechanical testing, environmental testing, control panel function safety testing and other19 extreme abuse test: fire, water, drop, squeeze, shock etc, simulated the user’s behavior during various extreme situations, effectively ensure security and reliability of F0 electric kick scooter.
As the most important part of electric kick scooter, battery safety has been the biggest consumer consideration. Before reaching consumers, electric kick scooter battery have to undergo a series of safety testing. As the first batch of wholly UL2272 approved electric kick scooter F0, fast wheel technology has set a high standard on battery system, and has been implemented according to this standard since.

As we know, current fast wheel F0 electric kick scooter market share at home and abroad has been steady grown ,afer fast wheel technology got the UL certification this time,they will provide more differentiated products and services to customer all over the world , to strengthen China’s new energy in the international stage and got world’s industry recognition.

2017 latest electric skateboard news

During 2016, electric skateboard has became a popular products like hoverboard. During CES 2017,new electric skateboard with updated motor and speed mode has been came out.

2017 latest electric skateboard

Some electric skateboard has make the best improvements in the motor, power doubled with adding a 1000W sensorless brushless off road type motor and has better thermal performance. At the same time the safety of lithium batteries has also been improved to achieve two modes: temperature warning mode and over temperature mode. Once the over temperature mode is reached, the throttle is limited and the cooling time is given to ensure safety.

In addition, the electric skateboard headlights and taillights are still equipped. In order to be better recognized by drivers at night, headlamp brightness increased by 50%. The three modes of these high power LEDs are on, off and flashing, user can choose depending on the situation.

But the biggest improvement for electric skateboard is to provide four speed mode, so people with different experience levels can enjoy the ride of fun. At the lowest speed mode, the beginner can enjoy a maximum speed of 6 miles per hour and the user can get slow acceleration and affinity braking. At the fastest speed mode, the maximum speed up to 20 miles per hour, with extreme acceleration and extreme braking function. Normal mode and expert mode set between the two modes.

Talking about the price, normal electric skateboard cost around 400-1300USD,depending on detailed function and different brand. If reader are not sure which electric skateboard to buy, you can email us to ask for help.

Smallest size electric unicycle balance scooter on the world

We have seen electric unicycle balance scooter before , although riding an electric unicycle requires riders with good body balance ability, but because of its small size, easy to carry,many people have taken it as a fashion travel vehicle. Whether it is on the way to or off work, in the park during weekend, or even a small countryside road, you can see the one wheel balance scooter.

When we say the electric unicycle balance scooter with small size, how small can it be ?

Today we would like to introduce world’s most compact Mini one wheel balancing scooter-Solowheel Iota. This is the latest scooter from solowheel, the wheel size is only 20cm, maximum load capacity up to 133.4kg.

Smallest size electric unicycle balance scooter on the world

Solowheel Iota’s design is very simple, combined color black, silver and red make it a very stylish look. The mini silver pedal designed without too much fancy,only classic elements. While not using,the pedal can folding to the wheel to maximum reduction of Slolowheel Iota size.

This Slolowheel Iota powered by large capacity lithium ion rechargeable battery, after fully charged driving distance can up to 12.8 km and the full charging process takes only 40 minutes. Whether it is for weekend leisure or to solve the last mile of commuting to work, can definitely suitable for you.

At this stage, this Slolowheel Iota electric unicycle balance scooter has landed on kickstarter.com for fund raising with a target fund of 50,000 USD . And this electric unicycle balance scooter target price is 395 USD , if all things goes well, it can be expected to finish bulk production on Sep,2017.

If you are planning to experience an electric unicycle balance scooter or want to solve the last mile of commuting problems, you can consider this Slolowheel Iota electric unicycle.